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Get Tagged ..

Get Tag Form : Dhira , Zahra , Bening Thanks all, i'll answer you all =3 xoxo

  • Write 11 thing about yourself
  • Answer the questions who tagged you
  • Create 11 questions who you tag
  • Choose 11 bloggers you tag and linked them
  • You not allow to tag me back
11 This About Me
  1. Hide away love felling
  2. I love justin bieber
  3. Bit,I hate my fellas in school.cause em' not compact
  4. Me very garrulous if some people talk about story to me
  5. Im friendly :D
  6. I have billions inspiration
  7. I always want know horor film,but if i watch i always shout and can't sleep
  8. If my family goto market, always request yougurt and pop mie
  9. Yes, im seasonal fans
  10. Stupid since active in blogger XD
  11. Love novel,but lazy to read
Answer Form Le Tagger
 * Like horror movies?
Kinda no
 * Korea or Japan?
 * often take pictures?
Yes #cheers :D
 * Have watched Final Destination? (hahahaXD)
Yes! i like see bold RAWR!
 * XFactor Indonesia or Indonesian Idol?
Indonesian Idol
 * Cat or Dog?
Cat :3
 * AKB48 or SNSD?
 * iPhone or iPad?
 * Do you have brother or sister?
No,:) tunggal n manja #modus
 * Do you have a pet?
 * Have you ever gonna to another country?

1. Ice Cream or Milkshake?
Milshake, yummy :9
2. iPad or Laptop?
3. Writing or Reading?
4. Are you love playing game?
5. Since when did you start making blogger?
I forget :( this i search in brain, but brain secreted this number *hell
6. What is your favorite football club?
Sriwijaya FC :*
7. Are you Bayern Muenchen's Supporter?
No... :B
8. Are you like One Direction?
9. Who's your inspiration?
Selena Gomez.Raditya Dika
10. Blogskins / Simple Template?
Simple Template
11. What do you think about my self?
Friendly =)

  • Do you like chocholate?
Um no.. but If i have mood want to eat sweet taste, i bite chocholate
  • Prefer Coke or Tea?
  • What do you wear when you go to mall?
I always wear simple shirt when I go to mall
  • Which one do you like better: DC or Converse?
DC \m/
  • Which one do you prefer: Pure Milk or Chocolate Milk?
Chocholate milk
  • What's your favorite movie?
Cinta Brontosaurus
  • What's your favorite novel book?
3600 detik (teenlit) you certainly cry if read this novel T^T
  • If you could, what color would you dye your hair?
Dark Brown
  • Where on this milky way would you live, if you could choose?
Milk in heaven soon :3
  • Where are you? xD (City, Country, and Planet)
Kota pempek,Palembang near pluto
  • Where would you buy your favorite pizza? (what brand)
Yea i hates pizza coz i hate one white who like glue (idk this thing name-___-)

My "Kepo" Questions
  1. Pacaran sama eyang subur / musuh bebuyutanmu?
  2. Kartun apa yang kamu senangi?
  3. Kalo trending topic di twitter ada nama aku,kamu langsung apa? (envy,sorakin,etc?) kepo..
  4. Lebih milih mata pelajaran MTK atau FISIKA?
  5. Jujur~ kamu dulu alay nggak?
  6. Kalo di blogger,lebih doyan ngedit template atau nge-post
  7. Umur kamu berapa?
  8. Suka shopping atau blogging?
  9. Lebih baik baterai diambil atau modem :D ?!
  10. Apa reaksi kamu saat melihat INI lihat lama-lama (click)
  11. Jika kamu terkenal,mau nggak ngasih fans ttd?
Sorry kepo~

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